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Thursday, September 26, 2013

 I am grateful for these hands. These hands that IVs delivered toxic chemicals through in order to kill the cancer 
that was killing him from the inside.

I am grateful for this head of hair that needs to be cut, for two years ago there was not enough hair to cut.

I am grateful for the shoulders that at twelve years old have already born more weight than many bear their entire lives.

I am grateful for the stripes on his skin that will not fade. A reminder of the poison pumped through his veins that his body could not expel. Scars that give evidence to an amazing journey completed that too many have traveled before and will yet.

I am grateful for the feet that have now grown too big for the shoes he wore the day we heard, 
"We know what we are dealing with."

I am grateful for the title of this song, that cancer is part of our yesterday and no longer our today and prayerful that it will not be our tomorrow.

I am grateful for this instrument that has given him a voice to express the turmoil he has endured. A way to turn that sorrow into joy and to learn to be grateful for all that we are given whether good or bad, 
because there is good in ALL of it if we choose to see it.

In my life, I have learned the lesson that in order to have joy, one must exist in a constant state of gratitude. Upon leaving that state, we lose our joy. Discontent so easily creeps in, and behind it a plethora of negative emotions that will continue to rob us of our joy for as long as we will let it.
So today, I will count my blessings and be grateful for each and every one, and in that, I will find joy.

My name is Julie Moses. I am a photographer, artist, and business owner of Jujujems Art and Photo Studio. My passion for photography is born of both sorrow and joy. Both of which I am utterly grateful for as one cannot truly comprehend one with the other. My business is still a fledgling one at less than two years old, so as I work to build it, I am more importantly a wife, a mother to four ages 20 down to 3, and home school  teacher.
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