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Thursday, February 6, 2014

 Whenever I am in need of an emotional pick-me-up, I glance back over these photos of my family and feel overwhelmed with appreciation for all my boys -- the two little ones and my husband!

The day that I captured in these photos was beautiful in its simplicity. We headed out for a walk in the muddy forest, and it turned out to be so much more rewarding than I anticipated. My boys loved exploring the nature around them, having lunch on a wooden log and drinking from a natural fountain. I was thrilled I brought my camera with me as the light was perfect, with the suns rays creeping through the trees.  As we delved further in to the forest we found a beautiful area covered in green moss that felt like our own enchanted, secret place.

It's days like these that I will always cherish, and know that I will share these special memories with my boys forever and for that I will be always grateful!

{Hayley Hay Photography}

Hayley Hay is first and foremost a wife and a mother to two beautiful little boys.  In fact it was her desire to photograph every one of her children's moves that led to her delving deeper in to the world of photography to produce the best catalog of her family's life possible.  That was several years ago now, and the joy she found in photographing her own family grew to become a love of photographing all the families around her. 
In the last year Hayley moved from the UK to Lausanne, Switzerland, where her photography business has flourished under the amazing backdrop of such a beautiful country and the support of her wonderful husband!

Hayley is a national award winning photographer who specialized in natural light photography of children and families.  Photography is not only her hobby, passion and job but also her obsession; you'll be hard pressed to get her away from her camera.

When she's not attached to her camera, Hayley spends her time running along the lake, snowboarding,  absorbing the beauty Switzerland has to offer and exploring with her family! Her goal this year is to take more photos of her own family and maybe even get in some herself!!

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  1. What a lovely set of images! I adore Hayley's work, she is a great photographer!

  2. Incredible. Hayley's unique style and perfect sense of the people she's capturing shines through in every picture.

  3. The best family photos I have ever seen. Hayley's work is always fantastic!


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