the gratitude collection {july 15, 2014}

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I'm thankful for summer evenings in the backyard.

Robin Chavez | Robin Chavez Photography 

 I am thankful that I can celebrate another year with these two birthday girls.

Jeanna Ludwig | Jeanna Ludwig Photography

 So grateful to be in our own home now. Such a huge blessing to be able to have our own home, kids have their bedrooms. The little things like a real bathroom with a window in it. It is just the little things you take for granted when you have them. Not realizing how amazing they really are after you haven' thad them. Oh and definitely can't complain about the amazing light here! God is definitely good!

Amber Carbo Privizzini | Privizzini's Passion Photography 


 The earth sheds tears of gratitude each evening at dusk for another day lived, and tears of joy every morning for the rising of the sun.  We can either be annoyed by the wetness of the dew at our feet, or join in the celebration.

 Indira Klotzer | Indira Klotzer Photography

 A smile starts on the lips, A grin spreads to the eyes, A chuckle comes from the belly; But a good laugh bursts forth from the soul, Overflows, and bubbles all around. 
-Carolyn Birmingham

Guest Contributor:  
I'm grateful for the beauty that surrounds us.

Nicole Bichsel | Orange Anchor Photography


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