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Friday, February 21, 2014

The story behind this series of images is so close to my heart.  The model - Magic Powers is a talented musician, producer, model...and my sister.  Growing up we had the archetypal best friends/worst enemies relationship.  When my sister left for an elite SoCal college to pursue her music we slowly began to drift apart.  For many years we had no common ground and relations between us were strained. About 5 years ago, my sister relocated to my area and slowly we began to get to know each other again.  It was through our joint photography ventures - Magic in front of the lens and myself behind the camera that our sisterhood was reinvigorated and we began to rediscover the bond of our youth.  Magic wanted a series of fantasy-inspired photos. We again collaborated and these are the results. We are both grateful for our relationship and the art that is our catalyst.

 I am Mary Wallis of Magination Images.  I live in the fabulously beautiful Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon.  Here in the Southern O we get all four seasons in all of their glory and it provides light chasers, like myself, ah-mazing backdrops for our photos.  I've loved taking pictures of people since I was a little girl.  My sister and I used to save up our quarters to buy a roll of film for our mom's 35mm so we could shoot each other.  My first camera was a Lee Click.  When my father passed away over a decade ago he left me a tiny bit of money and I promptly went out and spent it all on a "nice" camera - a Kodak Fun Share.  It only served to wet my palate for something better and soon I entered the world of digital SLR.  After quitting my job as a construction worker, I've been taking the occasional photography gig for over 6 years. However, I didn't start pouring myself into my photography as a business until 2013.  On the business side of things, I do photography to pay for my family's healthcare.  On the aesthetic side of things, I am a photographer because I am an artist. I love to photograph beautiful things.
When I'm not shooting or editing I enjoy playing with my kids, learning new things and pursuing a real food lifestyle. The greatest thing I've done for myself in the past year is learn to put down my camera and be present when participating in activities with my family.  

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