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Thursday, February 13, 2014

On one of the most frigid days in January, my family drove up to Norfolk, VA to visit the ship where my husband will be living for the next seven months.  This trip, he was just dropping off some gear and we were excited to show the boys the "boat" (in Marine terms) and daddy's bunk.  Despite the snow and ice on the pier, the ship was warm, and the boys had the best time exploring his room, the hangar, the flight deck, the lounge, the ward room, and the well deck where all the amphibious craft land.  This will be the first deployment in their memory, so I am extremely thankful for this chance to give the boys a visual of where he'll be when he eats, works, sleeps - bringing the boys closer to him through the everyday tangible, despite the distance.

Hi - I'm Ann Woodard.  I live on the southern coast of North Carolina with two boys, 7 and 2, an old yellow lab, and a Marine pilot husband!  Though I studied European history in grad school, photography has become a recent passion.  I went to manual a year ago and am enjoying a nice big learning curve.  Lately I am really into newborn lifestyle with a fine art twist!  If you would like to see a recent session or follow along with us on our deployment adventures, please join me at my FB page or my blog at www.annwoodard.com.  I would love to meet any other military wife photographers going through the same thing!  I have been so grateful for this supportive community while I pursue the wonder that is drawing with light!

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