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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Today in icy Idaho, I'm grateful for warm baths. My daughter (probably a fish in her past life!) loves playing in the suds. She never forgets her two water friends- Duck-duck and Frounder (that's Duck and Flounder, in English). Together they swim, battle pirate ships, save each other from drowning, get married, transform into mermaids, get eaten by sharks, and become splashing champions. And I'm never more grateful for warm bath water...all over the floor.  

{Jennifer of Captivate Photography}:
I'm Jennifer Munoz of Captivate Photography. I'm a dreamer, writer, and photographer. Creating soulful images is in bones. Lifestyle photography feels so good to me. It took time and a lot of practice to realize it was my niche. I'm a story-teller at heart, so sharing expressive images is so fulfilling. Wanna know how lifestyle and me got to be so cozy? Read on, friends. Read on.

I live with a bunch of hooligans I call family. My Hubby, our three Littles, and a German Shepard make for eventful dinner-time shenanigans. When the camera comes out, the hubby ducks, the kids start cheesing, and the dog tries to lick my lens. I had to try a completely different approach to document our family moments. I had to become a stealthy, circling, silent ninja. The first time I committed to my ninja moves, this bath-time session unfolded. (Cue choir of angels) I fell in love...and then I belly-flopped on the sudsy floor.

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  1. These pictures are so sweet. I used to love giving sink baths : ). Awesome post. Thanks for sharing!


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