Featured Guest {A Group of Friends- Shared by Jeanna Ludwig Photography}

Thursday, December 5, 2013

"For me, photography is about being present and celebrating life. This might sound a little sappy, but it's true for me, so there's no way around it. I could tell when I met Ali and Jeanna and Maria and Antonieta that they shared this passion, and that made it easy for us to get along. There were lots of clicks, lots of genuine smiles. To be sure, there might be no greater gift than to rub elbows, drink coffee with, even, like-minded, positive folk such as this. No doubt, I am so grateful for our meeting and continued friendship. " 
-Blythe Winslow

Photo credit:  Ali Deck Photography


Photo Credit:  Maria Manco Photography

Photo Credit: Ali Deck Photography

"I have found so many friends through photography and most of them I had never met in person. It was so nice to actually get to hang out with some of them. It was like we had known each other for the longest time. I am very grateful to call them friends and look forward to our next gathering " -Jeanna Ludwig

This special group of friends includes the photographers from:



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