The Gratitude Collection {October 15, 2013}

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Their hands touch when I am not looking, they smile and walk together
I know that their friendship will be everlasting and I am thankful for that.

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark than alone in the light ~ Helen Keller

“We'll be Friends Forever, won't we, Pooh?' asked Piglet. 'Even longer,'  Pooh answered.” 
  ― A.A. MilneWinnie-the-Pooh

Indira Klotzer | Indira Klotzer Photography 

Grateful for a praying mother.

Ken Gehring | Ken Gehring Photography 

We know one another's faults, virtues, catastrophes, mortifications, triumphs, rivalries, desires,
and how long we can each hang by our hands to a bar.
We have been banded together under pack codes and tribal laws.
- Rose Macaulay

{three of my four little ones}

Sharon | Arrow Creek Photography

I am grateful for His creations.

Robin Chavez | Robin Chavez Photography

I am addicted to memories, so much that sometimes I forget to just be in the moment, absorb every second with all my senses. I am so grateful I listened to that voice to leave my camera ( despite the gorgeous day and beautiful clouds) and just be mommy, with occasional cell shots. 
Ana Myer | Ana Myer Photography
Grateful for friendships ~ “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you." John 15:12   
Jeanna Ludwig | Jeanna Ludwig Photography
We are bringing our kids up to be very grateful for the good friendships they have. Teaching them not to take them for granted. I love seeing my kids get close to their friends. And these two are so cute together. I hope they have many many more years of friendship to come! It is such an amazing thing to watch grow! And as always BE NICE!!

Amber Carbo Privizzini | Privizzini's Passion Photography 

"He is my best friend mama, I love him so much!" The love they have for each other brights my day, I am so thankful. 

Bjorna Hoen | Bjorna Hoen Photography 



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