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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sigh of contentment….and again…and again.


It made me so grateful for my senses---being able to appreciate all the beauties that each season has to offer (Fall is my favorite!) and sweet family life and love. The smell of Fall in the air, the beautiful affection shared between this family, the vibrant colors all around, the peace and quiet in the trees...

I am Kristi Burton, a natural light photographer in Bountiful, Utah. I'm deeply in love with my husband, photography, and the infinite beauties that God so graciously created for our enjoyment. Photography, to me, is one of the greatest miracles. It just amazes me that we can freeze moments in time and have them to cherish in years to come. This incredible art makes my heart so happy. My favorite thing to capture is family love and interaction and that's what I strive for most with my small business. 

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