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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I am so thankful for birth. Life. The opportunity to witness it. And (best of all) to document it.  The emotions that wash over me when I read mama's thoughts upon seeing their birth photos are so precious. They remind me of just how astounding birth is, and how we as women are created to give birth, beautifully and perfectly!

These photos from last week's birth have me thankful for an endless list of things, both for myself and for this amazing family of 8.

thankful for community. midwives. choice. home birth.

marriage. love. confidence. no fear.

daughters who never leave our sides.

pain. progress. health. support.

birth. safety. love. wonder. awe.


beautiful, healthy newborns .

About Caryn:
My name is Caryn Scanlan, of Caryn Scanlan Photography (or bostonbirthphotographer.com) and I specialize in maternity, birth and newborn photography. I'm originally from South Africa and I know that without my life having led me to where I am now, it would be filled with different blessings. 
I am, however, blessed with being a birth photographer. 


  1. Births never cease to be miracles for me. Thank you for sharing your moving images!


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